Franchise Program

The famous investment website, ‘Investopedia’, defines the term ‘Franchisee’ as follows‘Franchisee is the party in a franchising agreement that is purchasing the right to use a business’s trademarks, associated brands and other proprietary knowledge in order to open a branch. In addition to paying an annual franchising fee to the underlying company, the franchisee must also pay a portion of its profits to the franchisor’.At FAC, we view our innovative ‘Franchise Program’ as a tool to enhance our footprint by partnering with you. Here is how it works – we explain the key terms from the above definition below:

Open a Branch

The ‘Branch’ office of FAC can literally be the living room of your place of residence or for that matter, a comfortable coffee shop in your neighborhood. You will need a computing device with a hi-speed internet connection.

Annual Fanchising Fee

This is a fee which you need to pay FAC at the outset to become a bona-fide ‘franchisee’, which will cover all the setting-up and training related expenses and will get you up and ready to start your journey with us. Yearly renewal of the franchise agreement could involve nominal fees to continue having access to databases and other knowledge bases of FAC.

Portion of its profits to the franchisor

This is how it works. FAC provides you with a steady stream of ‘Work Modules’ which involve assignments of specific recruitment related activities such as screening of CVs, conducting early rounds of interviews, setting up final interviews at client site, etc. Each ‘Work Module’ will have a specific deadline and a fixed compensation for you, which will be intimated to you at the beginning of each assignment. The compensation paid to the franchisee will be performance driven and could increase during subsequent years as per the individual franchise contract.

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