Learning and Training

First Impressions – CV Building and Interview Skills

Your CV is the first touch point with your future employer. It could make or break your chances of getting invited for an interview. Learn from industry experts and get the FAC powered CV advantage.

Acing an interview is an art and a science. Improve your interview skills and learn to present yourself with confidence, poise and intelligence when facing questions from the panel. Remember, you get one chance to make an impression on the interviewer. FAC will ensure you are prepared for your next job interview.

Presentation – Communications and Confident Conduct

Enhancing your personality and learning how to become more personable and graceful is something that can be learnt at any age. The way you communicate with your peers, superiors and juniors goes a long way in determining the pace and quality of your career growth.

Confidence could be a double edged sword sometimes. Walking the fine line between Healthy Confidence and Over Confidence could be tricky for many. FAC will ensure you develop that perfect balance, develop and portray a confident, pleasant personality while interacting with the professional world.

Aptitude Certification – Common Sense and Intelligence

Today’s recruiters are pressed for time like in no other time in history. One of the first tests that companies today look to subject potential candidates is the time tested ‘Aptitude Test’. An Aptitude test tells a lot about the common sense and basic intelligence of the candidate which comes in handy before the interview stage for most recruiters.

FAC’s carefully developed training module is designed to improve your aptitude skills by leaps and bounds and help you navigate any aptitude test with success.