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The latest trend which has caught the fancy of many job seekers in the employment market is the video resume! Employers receive hundreds of applications in response to their job openings, therefore, it is imperative that job seekers do something unique to get noticed. HRs and Hiring Managers are 7 to 10 times more likely to view a video than to read a profile.

Stand out from all the other applicants with a Video Resume!

In a job market where the supply is way higher than the demand, there is no way out but to build a stellar video resume. It offers unique advantages over impersonal paper resumes by giving candidates a scope to exhibit their skills and talents in a unique and creative way.

Team Futures And Careers is fully equipped to bring out the best in you. Invest in a professional video resume with us. Write to us at and we will get started.

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Futures and Careers (FAC) is a full-service HR firm, incorporated in 2007 at Bangalore. With a razor-sharp focus on delivering fast results for our clients, we have been successfully handling hundreds of ‘Talent Acquisition’ requirements of our clients every single year.

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