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FAC Offers Carefully designed training Modules, Keeping in mind the challenges prevalent in the workplace today, especially in the context of millennials making up a majority of the workforce.

Futures And Careers

Futures And Careers is a one-stop HR solutions provider to both IT & Non-IT industry sectors, founded in 2007. 

It was designed as a destination to work and learn mutually. Over the last decade, there have been massive requirement from companies looking out for organized staffing and HR consultant services and this has helped us move a step ahead to success. It is now one of the leading HR organizations in India.

We are a women empowered team, building women entrepreneurs pan India.


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Futures And Careers

Futures And Careers is one of the leading HR organizations in India.
We are a pioneer in providing one-stop HR solutions to both IT & Non-IT industry sectors. Our expertise includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Placement and Services
  • Executive Search
  • Social Media Recruitment
  • Contractual Staffing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Pre-Placement and Soft Skills Training
  • Organization Development and Designing HR Policies
  • Building Job Descriptions
  • KRAs, KPIs, PMS
  • Creating Video Resumes etc

We are all women empowered team building women entrepreneurs pan India!

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Our Client's Feedback

The training provided to our second-year students by Futures and Careers at our campus in 2014, Sambhram School of Management was highly student-focused and as per Industry expectations. It enhanced the skills of the students. The special session organized by the lead trainer Mr. Giri Krishnan on ‘personal interview by industry experts’ helped the students to identify their mistakes generally committed during job interviews like body language, answering style, attitude and the experts guided them. Mr. Giri took personal attention to correct the resume of all students and modified them in such a way that the HR managers will notice them.
Dr. Abraham Varughese
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
I know Giri as a very conscientious and hardworking individual. If the job so requires it, he goes out of his way to ensure satisfaction to his clients. For any associates who need HR related work, I would wholeheartedly recommend Giri Krishnan any time.
Arun Varma Thampan
Assistant Professor at St. Joseph's College, Bengaluru
Mr. Giri Krishnan, was of tremendous support. Whenever I had an urgent requriement of manpower for some critical positions, he has provided me with suitable and relevent profiles and supported me at all times. He has very good acumen in understanding the JDs of positions and never used to waste time in providing appropriate profiles. A very thorough professional indeed!!!!
Srinivas Mantha
Hearfon Systems Private Limited, Bengaluru
It is our pleasure to be associated with Futures And Careers since 2018 for our talent acquisition goals. The team is highly committed, reliable, quick and their ability to understand niche requirements is impressive. They have worked on tight deadlines with various constraints and yet have successfully helped us in finding the right talent. For a fast growing and technologically evolving company likes ours in the healthcare domain, their support is of great support and we see them as an extension of our TA team. A special mention of Sowmya who works with a great sense of commitment and helps us in meeting our business objectives.
Vijayalakshmi Maheshkumar
Regional HR Head, Business OneTechnologies , Bengaluru

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

Testimonials of our Recruitment Interns

It’s been a pleasure working with FAC these past two months. I wanted to thank CEO Mr. Giri Krishnan and Ms. Shreya for all they’ve done for me during this internship. I was trained in HR (Recruitment), Digital Marketing, and Web Development for various projects including (FAC) and Upskill Learn. FAC provided me with a very enriching and rewarding experience. I had very good mentors and got a lot of support from my colleagues as well. The work environment was the biggest positive as everyone was so driven and loved working together. Everyone at FAC helped me out in my projects and even provided me with good opportunities to be a trainer of different software. With Giri sir, I gained a lot of experience in HR (Recruitment) and Web Development, and with Shreya Ma’am, I gained experience in Digital Marketing as well as Web Development. I am ever so grateful for all the opportunities and knowledge I received during my time here.
Pallavi Sarswat
INTERN, Futures and Careers
Anu-P-Alex image
I undertook my eight week summer Internship project in futures and careers,where I was trained in recruitment and marketing for various requirements of recruitments and projects.I found the experience very enriching and rewarding, as the internship gave me an oppurtunity to apply what i has learnt so far.Futures and careers is a close knit family, with a very friendly and professional work culture.All in all my timw with FAC is one of the greatest learning experiences I have had learnt so far.
INTERN, Futures and Careers
Pranodhi image
I had the opportunity to undegro a 10 week internship Program in Futures and careers .FAC provided me with a very valuable experience and gave me immense confidence in dealing and communicating with the prospective candidates. I found FAC to be very cordial, friendly and professional in their dealings. I would be always indebted to FAC for enhancing my knowledge in the field of HR and bringing out the best in me as I venture in the field of recruitment and marketing.
INTERN, Futures and Careers
Aishwarya's image
Taking up my 10- Week Summer Internship at FAC was one of the best decisions I have taken in my career so far.FAC team or family is so warm and encouraging , each and every member never hesitated to help and support each other. The work culture is one of the best assets of company.CEO Giri Sir , team lead Leela Ma'am , and my senior recruiter Nisha Ma'am have taught me a great deal which help me immensely in my future endeavors.
Aishwarya Sridharan
INTERN, Futures and Careers
Sana's Image
My experience associated with FAC was incredible .Excellent Head ,team leader, and team members who are very helpful in FAC are very understanding, and approachable.The team is superb & overall it is a very encouraging and motivating environment. During my summer internship in recruitment and digitization , both Gayatri Mam and Shreya Mam were very helpful as mentors, I learned many useful recruitments and digitization strategies. Special thanks to Giri Sir who recruited me as an intern , I am really lucky to work in a place that makes us grow to greater heights, I am proud to be part of FAC. Looking forward to work again with this esteemed organization.
INTERN, Futures and Careers
My remote internship journey started in the month of December. My responsibilities included assisting with screening resumes and applications with Soumya Moily ma'am. My everyday task included planning, calling, and coordinating interviews with the candidates. further Collecting, updating, and maintaining the database using Excel. Working like this was different for me to begin with because I am yet to enter the corporate world, but this opportunity has given me the confidence and ambition to succeed. I am now able to manage my time better as I juggle being an intern and a student. In this journey, I have learned to be a more patient person and through my work, I got acquainted with analytical skills which are essential for a career in HR. Even though it was a remote internship I had a positive time working with Soumya ma'am and I also want to thank Leelambika ma'am who had interviewed me for this position and gave me this opportunity.
Vrushali Kapre
Intern, FAC
It’s been a pleasure interning at Futures And Careers. Giri sir and Leela ma’am have been very welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful. Under Giri Sir’s guidance, I had the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of the recruitment industry, training programmes, and other aspects of HRM and the team has been very supportive throughout my internship period. I was able to practically understand what I theoretically studied during my course. Srividhya ma’am guided me through my assigned tasks and I had the opportunity to learn and have practical exposure in Recruitment. I’m grateful to the organization for extending their support and helping me work on my skills and providing hands-on work experience. Giri sir is a very modest, kind, understanding and vibrant CEO and I enjoyed my time working in his organization under his guidance.I would recommend all interns to be a part of this organization however brief or long your experience working here may be.
Divithalini S M
Intern, FAC
My name is Neha Ananth, pursuing final year M.Sc in Counselling Psychology. I joined Futures and Careers as a part of my fieldwork. 2.5 months back, I was just enthusiastic regarding the processes of an organization, but did not practically know how things work. The first day, we spoke to the CEO of this firm Mr. Giri, and Ms. Leela. The rapport that was established by them was incredible. All of us felt comfortable, and looked forward to working with them. During the entire process of the fieldwork, we got to learn, and practically perform all the works that occur in an HR firm. The exposure provided was wonderful. Now, I have an idea about what and how things work in an organization and I am extremely grateful to F&C team. Thank you all for this opportunity,
Neha Ananth
INTERN, Futures and Careers
nterning at FAC was a great learning experience for me. For someone completely new to the field, I had a lot to learn. My mentor, Ms Gayatri, was very patient, supportive and encouraging. It was a pleasure working with the company, especially under the guidance of Gayatri ma'am.
Latika Rai
INTERN, Futures and Careers
The experience that I had in the company was really very insightful. The work culture is really supportive and independent. Everything was taught in a detailed manner. The company helped me to overcome my anxiety and brush up my communication skills. The company had really great team and friendly to work with. I learned a lot from my mentor Sridivya who guided me in each step of my internship. I learned a lot about how an HR team works and the process which goes with it. Every day was a tedious task for me but at the same time I had also fun to work with them. As of Mr. Giri who is an amazing person and a great leader for the company. I would like to thank Giri Sir and all my mentors who guided me and helped me throughout my period of internship. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to work with you and to learn from you.
Rushali Singh
INTERN, Futures and Careers
I am Anushka and I was interning with Futures And Careers from 18th February to 30th June 2021 under Rajalakshmi mam's guidance. It was a great experience and I got to learn so many things and everyone is so supportive and helpful, I m really grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity and special thanks to Leela mam and Giri sir for presenting me this opportunity and to Rajalakshmi and Nagalakshmi mam as well for guiding me throughout my journey.
Anushka Singh
Recruitment Intern
Darshini intern image
I signed up for a five month internship program at FAC as a content writer and it was a great learning experience. It was a new phase for me as it was my first time as an intern. I am new to this environment yet all of the team members were extremely supportive. I learned more than I ever expected from CEO Giri sir and Monika ma'am. Now I have valuable experience under my belt. Overall my time in FAC has been amazing.
Intern, FAC
It has been an honour working with Futures and Careers, and being able to get to know Giri Sir and all others working there. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I have learnt during the period of this internship. The type of work culture present at Futures and Careers has changed my perception of what workplaces look like. In my short stay, the members have felt like family and have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of one another. The work exposure has been fruitful and has helped me gain firsthand experience and knowledge on the field. Above all, I will take away what I have learnt about life while working at and interactive with everyone at Futures and Careers. Giri Sir has inspired me in wonderful ways, I am very thankful to have been able to work with such an extraordinary team.
Maitrayee Chowdhury
Recruitment Intern, FAC
I would like to share my thoughts and experience about this wonderful HR - solutions provider FAC which has incredibly helped me understand the aspects of being an HR, I got an opportunity to work in the recruitment team and also to conduct a virtual employee wellbeing session. This workplace have always been my piece of peace to do what I like. I always felt welcomed by my CEO, colleagues and Team lead. They have been supportive and have enhanced my growth. More workplaces like FAC can help young woman like us to be empowered to learn from our mistakes instead of feeling regretted, to grow as an individual and to have less work place stress. The competency and the gratitude among each employee have thought me a lot and I believe in my future I will be able to achieve a lot through the experience I received at FAC. Thank you FACites.
Glenda K
Recruitment Intern, FAC
Testimonial default image
Thank you so much sir for the valuable session and thanks for the information and knowledge which you have shared with us related to the performance management, it will surely help us for today, tomorrow and for our future.
Student, CMS College, Jain University
I thank Futures And Careers for providing me with the Internship as an HR Intern. Here I have learned many new skills like recruitment , selection and screening. Sowmya Ma'am , Leela Ma'am And Naag Laxmi Ma'am were always there to help and support. It was a Great experience working with FAC.
Jyoti Dwivedi
Recruitment Intern, FAC
Testimonial default image
As an intern at F&C it was an amazing experience to learn more about Recruitment and to understand the procedure of how the process of recruitment takes place from Screening the CV's, to choosing the right candidate and sending the client the best candidate. Also F&C helps people who are interested to understand the HR Field with their Recruitment Master Class which is much more beneficial as to learn with practice is greater than just theoretical knowledge. I'm glad to be a part of F&C as an Intern im sincere thanks to CEO Mr. Giri Krishnan who gave me the opportunity to be part of Futures and Careers.
Joshna. J
Recruitment Intern, FAC
It's been a pleasure interning at Futures and Careers. Giri sir and Leela ma'am have been very welcoming, enthusiastic and helpful. Under the able guidance of Giri Sir I had the opportunity to learn about the life cycles of recruitment industry training programs and other aspects of HRM and the team has been very supportive throughout my internship period.. Amritha ma'am guided me in the assigned tasks.I had the great exposure and opportunity to learn and have the practical experience in recruitment.I am grateful to the organization for their support and helping me work on my skills.
Pushpa Rani M
Recruitment Intern, FAC
The helpful support and insights from the Recruiters and HR staff during my internship at Futures and Careers, have greatly impacted my own personal and professional development. The valuable skills that I've learned through hands-on training in screening applicants for minimum qualifications, have enhanced my own understanding in an equitable recruitment and staffing process. Mr. Giri Krishnan sir and Mrs. Leela ma’am have been amazing guides throughout my internship. Looking forward, I am excited to use the skills that I've learned by interning at Futures and Careers in order to become a more knowledgeable HR professional
Bhumika. R
Recruitment Intern, FAC
Experience at Futures and Careers has been everything I expected it to be. From having zero experience in the recruitment process to learning the process right from the beginning has been a journey. The team and the CEO are very warm welcoming and have developed a motivational working environment to increase your productivity and at the same time enjoy what you do. I'm grateful for my time here as they help me build my base foundation to work as an HR.
Hazel Vakharia
Recruitment Intern, FAC
It's been a pleasure interning at futures and careers for the past one month. I wanted to thank CEO Giri sir and Leela ma'am for guiding us throughout the internship. I had the opportunity to learn about recruitment process, HR policies and some aspects of recruitment industry. Giri Sir constantly encouraged us to examine new things, ask questions and cleared all our doubts. It was a great experience and I got to learn many things. Thank you for this opportunity.
Akshaya Jayaraman
Recruitment Intern, FAC
That was a great learning experience. This internship helps me to enhance my skills and showcase my best through out the internship. I learned how to use zwayam, naukri platforms to mapping candidates and also learned how to recruit the candidates. This opportunity will help me in my career.
Johnson Dona
Recruitment Intern, FAC
Futures And Careers was a family to me than my work place. Starting as an HR intern for academic purposes to being a content writer intern was a change in my life. Mr. Giri sir is an amazing human who never made me experience the gap of authority instead has been a great mentor. Interning here for more than a year has taught me what a life of an empowered woman looks like. Even though we worked remotely we were connected.
Recruitment Intern, FAC
Here, I have learned many new skills like mapping, job posting, and communicating with clients. one of the main advantages is that I am working with experienced members, and the team lead is really helpful and supportive. overall, it's a good experience . Thanks for giving opportunity
Tanushree Gowda
Recruitment Intern, FAC
I had a great learning experience from futures and careers under the guidance of Giri sir. I learnt to design different employee engagement activities and was able to practically execute and experience it with KWK employees. I learnt different aspects of recruitment process. I also contributed to develop training module for employees, in learning and development function.
Kavya M
Recruitment Intern, FAC
I am Priyanka Gupta from Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. I did my internship at Futures and Career from January to April 2023 (Tuesdays). It was a great experience and a learning experience which helped me to understand the recruitment process, employee selection, interviewing them and things related to HR. I am really grateful and thankful to my Senior Supervisor Mr. Girish Sir and Mrs. Leela Ma'am for their constant encouragement to learn new concepts and their functioning. They guided me and helped me throughout my journey. It has been an incredible experience and a learning experience for me.
Priyanka Gupta
Recruitment Intern, FAC
My days of internship at FAC was very insightful. I got to learn about the basics of HR and how recruitment happens, being a student of Masters in Counselling Psychology, I had a great exposure and gained abundance of knowledge in the field of industrial psychology. I’m grateful to my supervisor Mrs. Leela ma’am and the CEO of the company Mr. Giri sir, they both helped me lot to understand the work and how to succeed eventually. Thanks to each and every member of the team for making my internship days so fun and insightful at office.
Neha Das
Recruitment Intern, FAC

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Futures and Careers (FAC) is a full-service HR firm, incorporated in 2007 at Bangalore. With a razor-sharp focus on delivering fast results for our clients, we have been successfully handling hundreds of ‘Talent Acquisition’ requirements of our clients every single year.

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