Building JD’S, KRA’S, KPI’S

Job Descriptions (JDs) for the lower, middle & senior level employees are crucial as the employees will have clarity regarding their roles and responsibilities.
Key Result Areas (KRAs) will be built for key personnel in the Company. Heads of Departments will have clarity about their objectives.
Formula driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be linked to the business goals of the Company. The KPIs can be reviewed monthly through monthly review meetings.
Organizations thrive & excel when performance can be measured. JDs, KRAs & KPIs are therefore utmost important. Step-by-step coaching will be provided during the entire implementation process.
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Futures and Careers (FAC) is a full-service HR firm, incorporated in 2007 at Bangalore. With a razor-sharp focus on delivering fast results for our clients, we have been successfully handling hundreds of ‘Talent Acquisition’ requirements of our clients every single year.

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