Etiquettes to be followed during Telephonic Interviews
Etiquettes to be followed during Telephonic Interviews
  • Any individual needs to follow a set of rules and regulations while interacting with the other person over the phone.
  • Our voice plays a very important role in creating an impression of our personality, designation, education as well as the nature of the job we are engaged in.
  • Use warm greetings like “good morning”, “good evening” or “good afternoon” depending on the time.
  • Don’t just start speaking.
  • Voice has to be very pleasant.
  • Do not raise your tone or pitch while speaking. Do not yell on the phone.
  • In any official call, don’t use words like” Any guess who I am? Or “Guess who’s speaking?’
  • Make sure your content is crisp and relevant.
  • Always reconfirm whether the person on the other side is the desired person.
  • If by mistake you have dialed a wrong number, don’t just hang up, do say sorry and then keep the phone courteously.
  • Never put the second party on a very long hold.
  • While interacting over the phone, don’t chew anything or eat your food.
  • Do end your conversation with pleasant words like “Thank you”, “Take care”, “nice speaking with you” and a warm bye. Never say Goodbye.
  • Always speak each and every word clearly.
  • Don’t take too long to pick up any call.
  • If you miss the call, make sure you give a callback.
  • In professional talks, never keep the conversation too long.
  • If you are not the correct person and the speaker needs to speak to your fellow worker or colleague always say “one moment please- I will call him/her in a minute”.
  • While in office, keep your mobile phone volume on vibration or on low volume such that it does not disturb other colleagues.
  • If there is any disturbance in the network, don’t just keep speaking, call after sometime.
  • Keep your notepad & pen during a phone conversation to note down key points.
  • During a telephonic interview, sit in a noiseless space. Background noise & disturbance might put off the interviewer.

Candidates looking out for jobs should always keep their numbers active. The employer might not reach out to you a 2nd time if you are not reachable.


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