Frequently Asked Questions

Ans:-  As hiring processes are increasingly automated, recruiters will require an appetite for continuous skills development to be able to adapt to new ways of working. While existing skills, abilities and knowledge are important, they won’t be as important as someone’s capacity to learn and adapt. To stay employable throughout their career, recruiters need learnability – the desire and ability to develop in-demand skills.

Ans:- The Investments and the Return on Investment have been explained in the Agreement as well as in the ROI Calculations sheet.

Ans:- The Fixed costs are the Loyalty Fees and the Monthly Access Fees. The Recurring Expenses are your mobile and broadband bills. Sometimes you might need to visit the Client for understanding the manpower requirements and for building Client rapport. FAC conducts an Annual Corporate Meeting where the full-time employees, freelancers, consultants, franchisees meet. These are the variable expenses to be borne by the Franchisee. There are no other hidden costs.

Ans:-  We will share the sample calculations in the ROI calculations excel sheet if you are interested to take the Franchise forward.

Ans:- The Franchise needs to pay the Loyalty fees to FAC during signing of the Franchise Agreement. This is a one-time fee to be paid upfront and is non-refundable. Loyalty fees cannot be paid in Equal Monthly Installments. The Franchise needs to organize the money by borrowing or through a loan to commence this Franchise business.

Ans:- Yes, the Franchise needs to pay a monthly access fee as per the Agreement. This amount needs to be paid on the 1st of every month. This will enable FAC to share the web-portals and Clients.

Ans:- To run this small home office Franchise business, you do not require any kind of certificate or registration. We will update you whenever the need arises.

Ans:- It does not really matter whether you are a housewife or retired from service. It is the belief that anything is possible and the winning attitude that counts.

Ans:- Yes, you can set-up an exclusive Franchise in your residential location. We might have multiple Franchises in a big metro cities as there are massive opportunities for all.

Ans:- Yes, our advice is to initially set-up a home-office for your Franchise. An office is not required unless you are hiring additional staff. 

Ans:- The main job routine for a Franchise would be to connect with potential candidates, connect with new Clients, and coordinate with existing Clients. Hence, it is better to work for about 8 hours anytime between 9 am & 8 pm. 

Ans:- Infrastructure that is required to set-up for a home-office is a computer/laptop with anti-virus software, telephone/mobile, webcam, headset, hi-speed broadband, and database storage device. 

Ans:- It is not essential to hire staff initially for managing your Franchise. Once you receive multiple manpower requirements from various Clients, then you might need to hire 1 or 2 Recruiters to assist you in closing the vacancies. Interns can also work as your Recruitment Assistant.

Ans:- You will receive continuous support right through your Franchise association with FAC. You will get free access of all the recruitment courses put on our We will share the various training modules that Team FAC will take you through. 

Ans:- Yes, we expect you to develop new clients for your Franchise business as your commissions are much higher for your own Clients. Therefore, it is desirable that you meet new Clients for acquiring new business in your own territory/zone of operation. 

Ans:- People skills, motivation driven by results, negotiation skills, the ability to follow a winning formula, business management skills, teamwork and leadership skills, communication and listening, customer service skills, financial skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, strategic thinking and planning skills, etc. 

Ans:- Following are the primary roles and responsibilities:-

  •  Sourcing CVs
  • Screening candidates
  • Emailing CVs to Client
  • Organizing interviews for shortlisted candidates
  • Ensuring selected candidates join
  • Building rapport with Clients
  • Working on acquiring new Clients
  • Maintaining database and MIS reports as required by FAC
  • Updating FAC Team lead the status on a daily basis.


Ans:- We will share their existing Client base and vacancies until the Franchise is able to pick-up and acquire new manpower requirements.

Ans:- You can fix a meeting with Mr.Giri Krishnan by connecting with FAC Team Lead Leela on +91-7411046368. Or send a mail to If you are satisfied, we can proceed with the Agreement formalities. 

Ans:- FAC is an established brand in both the IT & Non IT industry sector. Clients invariably sign up with us looking at our profile, total years of recruitment experience. The team members themselves are subject matter domain experts. Hence the quality of profiles shared with the Client is excellent. We back it up with exceptional speed & delivery while servicing all the requirements. As an individual HR recruiter you will not be able to attract business.

We are experts in social media recruitment. We have invested in the latest technologies wherein we will be able to get unique CV’s even if the candidates are not registered with indeed, Naukri, LinkedIn or any other job portal. This is the training we are talking about. You will exposed to all of this.

CEO Mr Giri Krishnan is an interview panellist and most of the Clients seek his guidance before finalising the mid of senior management positions. If you are interested, we can share the written testimonials that we have received. Check us out on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

We always come up with innovative strategies. To attract the Clients, we share the video interviews that we conduct with the Clients. And to keep the Clients interested with our candidates, we share the candidates Video Resumes.

As a Franchise, you will benefit with the highest commissions offered in the Industry. We are nearly 14 years in this field of Recruitment & hence Companies accept us a brand to reckon with.

Mr Giri Krishnan has an overall 33+ years of experience. We can share his brief profile as well. We assure you that you will get your return on investment within 3 to 6 months depending on how quickly you work on the various urgent requirements.

About Us

Futures and Careers (FAC) is a full-service HR firm, incorporated in 2007 at Bangalore. With a razor-sharp focus on delivering fast results for our clients, we have been successfully handling hundreds of ‘Talent Acquisition’ requirements of our clients every single year.