Invest in yourself – Build a Video Resume!
Why is Video Resume a must in today’s challenging times?

A Video Resume is an enhancement of your existing pdf or document traditional resume. It is not a replacement for the conventional resume. A Video Resume puts a ‘face’ on your resume and exposes facets of your personality which paper resumes cannot communicate. You can put across your best in your presentation, showcase your personality and convey what you cannot spell out in a conventional resume.
Video Resumes are a must for all job applicants who are seeking a new job / career, for those who are unemployed, for those serving their notice period and even for those who are already employed but want to impress their potential employers.
The world and the economies are going through tough and challenging times due to this pandemic. Earlier we have passed through several recessions and slow down too. In these moments of crisis, the best way out is to do something that is different & unique to attract the potential employer.
Let me explain as to why Video Resumes will be the trend setter & future for all job applicants!

Companies will be happier to view the Video Resume while there is a possibility of your traditional resume being trashed if it not professional or attractive enough.
Since Video Resumes will be between max 150 seconds, it will be easy for the hiring manager to judge your skills, capabilities and accomplishments.
Your body language, confidence, communication and presentation style will be reflected in the Video Resume. This will enable the employer or HR to take a quick decision of calling you for an interview.
Since organising skype or zoom or video conference interviews is a lengthy & time-consuming process, Organisations will prefer to screen the Video Resumes of candidates.
Job applicants can be unique and creative in a Video Resume and can touch upon the personal characteristics which can benefit the Organisation. Points that could not be expressed in the existing resume can be highlighted.
Video Resumes functions like a pre-interview and will be 1st round of the screening process in the future. So, making an everlasting first impression is vital!

Here are a few sure-shot advantages of a Video Resume:
Differentiates you from the other job-seekers as Companies prefer tech-savvy job seekers
Puts you above the rest of the pack of job-seekers as they can see the real you
Key skills and strengths can be highlighted
Your professionalism and demeanour can be demonstrated
Your smile, charm, enthusiasm, facial expressions and energies can win them over
Possibility of being referred to other deserving employers
HR can eliminate imposters, fraudsters who act as job applicants
Great platform to sell yourself!
It’s an elevator pitch of why they should hire you! Your video resume might land you with a dream job!
Certain cons of a Video Resume:
In cyberspace, video resumes will last forever. If they are not done professionally and with utmost care, there is a chance of rejection of your candidature
If the script is poorly crafted, the video resume might be trashed
Filler words like ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘hmm’ might give the impression that you have not rehearsed well and that you are not confident
If the camera is of low-quality resolution or if the video is shaky or if there is background noise or you have shot the video with cheesy backdrops, you will not stand a chance and will not be shortlisted
Building a classy, elegant Video Resume is the need of the hour!



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