Need for a Targeted Resume

An appealing resume is one of your best self-marketing tools. Writing, however, is simply one aspect of a resume. In certain instances, you have to approach an opening in unique ways. What they find on the resume makes up their first impression of you. Only if an employer or HR recruiter likes the presentation style and content of your resume, only then they will shortlist you for an preliminary round of telephonic interview. CVs will be dumped if your resume does not match their requirements. You will not receive any call or message or email once your application or CV is rejected. For these reasons, resumes are often considered the most important part of the application process.


What is a targeted resume?

A targeted resume is a resume customized to a specific job opening. It is written to highlight the skills and experiences related to a particular job opening. A targeted resume makes it easy to show how your qualifications, skills and experience are a near match to a job’s needs.


Need for a Targeted Resume

While a single resume may manifest your skills and experience well, it will not be very  responsive for all open positions. A targeted resume reassures the recruiter that your work will benefit them and that you should be among the candidates to be considered for a closer look.


Customizing your resume provides you an opportunity to publicize your credentials, accomplishments, and particular features of your work history that match closely with the requirements listed in the job description. It will influence your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview in a job market where thousands of resumes and cover letters pass through the hands of the recruiters.


Even though building a targeted resume might be time-consuming, it is best that you invest your time and energies in tweaking your resume such that it suits certain job applications. Targeted resumes come in handy to the hiring team as they check whether you are the right fit for the advertised position. It demonstrates whether you are competent to meet all of their requirements. Recruiters will thoroughly check whether your key skills and experience match the Company’s job description.


It is often suggested by the recruiters and employers that the job seekers must know the importance of having a targeted resume and cover letter. If you disregard the importance of spending time to write a unique, well-targeted resumes and cover letters, you could risk the chance of being called for a job interview.


Though these targeted resumes prove helpful in impressing the employers, there are possibilities that they might end up confusing them if it is not organized or written properly. Team up with Futures And Careers and build a winning resume with us. 

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