Professional Etiquettes
Are you aware of these most important Email & Internet Etiquettes?
  • Reply to any & every email within 4 working hours (Turnaround Time/TAT).
  • Provide point-wise answers wherever possible.
  • Re-read the mail twice before pressing the send button so that you avoid typo errors. Do a spell-check.
  • Be clear, formal, specific, concise and to the point in an email.
  • Answer all questions and clarifications.
  • It’s important to use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation.
  • Mail must be professional & not informal.
  • Save templates for frequently used responses.
  • The subject and body of the mail must match.
  • Do not attach unnecessary files.
  • Use proper structure & layout. Refer to mail format.
  • Do not overuse the high priority option.
  • Do not write/email in CAPITALS, or all in BOLD or in RED colour.
  • Use Flags for important emails. It will act like a self-reminder to complete the task.
  • Don’t leave out the message thread.
  • Continue the mail chain such that important info is not lost.
  • Add disclaimers to your emails.
  • Read the email before you send it
  • Do not overuse Reply to All.
  • Send the mail to the relevant recipients only.
  • For mailers to several recipients, use the bcc: field sparingly.
  • Use abbreviations and emoticons sparingly unless you know your Superior/Client/Supplier very well.
  • Pay attention while formatting your mail.
  • Take care while using rich text and HTML messages.
  • It’s not appropriate to forward chain letters.
  • Do not request delivery and read receipts (unless someone requests).
  • Do not ask to recall a message.
  • Do not copy a message or attachment without permission.
  • If a deadline cannot be met, reply to the mail with the reason why it cannot be met. Provide a new deadline.
  • Never discuss highly confidential information via email.
  • Use a meaningful subject which captures the attention of the reader.
  • Use active instead of passive voice. Refer examples.
  • Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT for all mails.
  • Avoid long & complex sentences, keep the mail short & simple.
  • Don’t send or forward emails containing inappropriate, insulting, slanderous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks.
  • Don’t forward virus hoaxes and chain letters.
  • Keep your language gender neutral.
  • Don’t reply to spam. (Delete & Trash them).
  • Begin your mail with Hello or Dear Sir/Ma’am.
  • Never use slang or SMS language.
  • Beware of opening mails from unknown sources.
  • If you have wrongly forwarded the mail, quickly send an apology mail.
  • You can undo the sent mail within 5 seconds.
  • Proofread every mail; Never be in a hurry to send a mail without double-checking.
  • Own-up for mistakes; send a revised corrected mail.
  • Do not use Mr./Ms./Mrs. if you are not sure whether the recipient is a male/female.
  • Internally between colleagues, you can just start a mail with just Hello or Hi,
  • End your mail with your name, designation, handheld phone, landline number, company website link, products/services link. (Or your Company will share a common email signature).
  • Send gentle reminders whenever you have not received any reply.
  • Do not repeat/resend attachments in reminder mails.
  • Always give reference of first email with date in your reminder emails.
  • Go to Settings & Affix the Company logo on the top of your mail (especially when you write to Customers/Suppliers/Partners)
  • Choose a Font style:
  • Choose Font Size: 10 or 12
  • Choose Font Colour: Black or Blue
  • Reply to your emails–even if the email wasn’t intended for you.
  • Know that people from different cultures speak and write differently.
  • Tailor your message to the receiver’s cultural background. Miscommunication can easily occur because of cultural differences, especially in the writing form.
  • If you have replied or composed a new mail from mobile, write ‘Sent from Mobile’.
  • Include a clear, direct subject line.
  • Use a professional email address.
  • Compose the mail 1st. Add the email address last.
  • Never use multi-colours, fancy fonts or different font-size in the mail.
  • Do not change the main Subject line. We will be able to track the entire correspondence by searching with the relevant keywords.
  • Old emails which are outdated and not relevant can be deleted.


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