Soft Skills- The key to win in interviews

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”

-Charles Darwin


“Change” When we hear this word it often feels like a thrill or fear. Change can either be environmental or personal. 

We have always been asked to excel in our academics more than our extra-curricular activities. 

More than improving our soft-skills, we are asked to improve in the subject we can’t cope up with. 

Did we just read soft skills? Have you heard this word before?

Masters in soft-skills are known to be the opportunity grabbers. 

Are you planning to browse the web to find a Master’s degree in soft skills? 

It isn’t an academic degree that we earn, instead it’s a life degree. 

A degree that is not seen through your grades in your certification instead through your actions, your words and your behavior. 

Mastering soft skills can help you break through many struggles and challenges in your day to day life. 

During an interview, it’s not just your knowledge that is tested, it’s also your soft skills. 

You may be a highly knowledgeable person in your field of interest but something that is equally important is your soft skills. 

Working and managing a team of people who vary in cultural aspects, education qualifications and other aspects it’s important to use our soft skills effectively during such time to avoid conflicts and have a good working space. 

Have you identified the soft skills you need to work at? Do you now think soft-skills are equally important? 



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