Tips for Skype Interviews and Video Conference Etiquettes
Tips for Skype Interviews and Video Conference Etiquettes
  1. Do not move around with your laptop or mobile. Remain stationary with minimal movement.
  2. Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera.
  3. Adjust your camera such that you can be seen. Sit in a place where there is enough light on you. Complete the video check before the skype interview / zoom meeting.
  4. Do a sound check before you commence the skype interview / video conference meeting. Complete the audio check.
  5. Be online a few minutes ahead of the meeting time. You might not be considered / shortlisted if you are not punctual or if you make the interview panel wait.
  6. Do not attend to other phone calls or family or any other house-work during the interview or meeting hours.
  7. Keep your phone on silent mode.
  8. Be slow & clear while you speak, do not shout.
  9. Be courteous to the other participants during a video conference meeting.
  10. Dress appropriately as if you were in office for any skype / video interview / meeting.
  11. Keep your book/pad & a pen ready before the interview / meeting for any notes.
  12. In a video conference where there are large number of participants, the presenter will give instructions when to keep your audio on mute. Unmute whenever you need to speak or when you get your turn to speak.
  13. You can send a chat to the presenter if you have any queries.
  14. It is best to use headphones as it will cut out the background noise & there will be more clarity. You will also be able to focus better.

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