Interviews no more a nightmare

Interviews are no more a nightmare

Communication is the most essential component for understanding other’s thoughts, needs, expectations and feelings. 

Do we need language to communicate? 

It’s a No. We don’t communicate only through language or words we can communicate through actions, expressions, gestures and through many other ways. 

We have a dream and ambition and in this world filled with millions and trillions of people many of our dreams may be alike but there is something that differentiates us during the selection process to be scrutinized for a job opening. 

It is your uniqueness, your personality, your knowledge that helps you be selected. 

Interview is just one to one communication in a more formal manner. 

Do you get chills on hearing the word Interview? 

Doesn’t it sometimes sound like a nightmare? 


Yes, it does. We may be confident and best in our work but more than the interview journey the word interview itself builds up a fear in us. 


Interviews can be cracked easily but how do we do that? 

Our experiences speak louder than words! 


Research about the interviewer, the company, the job role. 

When we are meeting someone for the first time, do we simply go and sit in front of them? 

It’s a No. We will first know who the person is and their background. 


Know yourself better

What interests you to do the job, your prior experience, your flaws and strengths


Setting an impression

Your first impression is not the last impression, but just be you as a person if you want to impress your interviewer. 


Experience speak louder than qualifications, degrees

Yes, you heard it right. Your experience is important; speak out your experiences based on the questions asked and keep it crisp than a storytelling session. 


Non-verbal cues

Don’t pretend to be someone else, instead be yourself. Greet effectively, sit comfortably, maintain eye contact, use a smooth tone, and be firm on your answers. 


Interviews will no longer be a nightmare if you look at it as a formal structured conversation than a 100 marks paper. 

How we think is how we will act. 

Positive thinking will mould you to be an effective interviewee and the right candidate. 


Stop thinking of just giving it a try, instead start thinking about the interview as a challenge. You will overcome it with ease. 


Upskill yourself, join our ‘How to Win in Interviews Workshop’, your interviews will no more be a nightmare.

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