Connection with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Connection With Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online service that connects thousands of people online. It serves as a platform where professionals meet. This website and it’s app does not just connect professionals but also creates a path for the job seekers to find job providers. 
This app has been known worldwide since 2003, and after the outburst of the novel coronavirus, it has helped millions of people who were laid off to find a job without the interference of job providers who exploit job seekers for either with some registration fee or placement fee. 
The word connection has been there ever since the 1500s, where it explains the state of being connected. As human beings, the percentage of dependency on each other is high. We see this word connection in every walk of life, may it be emotional, physical or spiritual. One such connection we find is with social connections, which gives us immense feelings of being protected and being supported. 
LinkedIn and connection are closely related as we find the higher order thinking social beings finding their connection to live with stability to expand their chain of network. The connections formed here help an individual find people who are like minded, people who are passionate about similar things and many more. 
We also find good samaritans here in Linkedin who try to search for manpower to help an organization work, they can be called the ‘Recruiters’. No doubt they are being paid by their firms, but being a recruiter too is a skill that is built by rigorous efforts, practice and knowledge. They try their level best to find the candidates to match the job description. 
“Where there is good, there is bad”. Here, at LinkedIn we would come across a variety of recruiters, a few would charge the candidates to find a job whereas some would focus more on placing the candidates with zero placement charges.
Candidates are strivers who aim to achieve various milestones through their imagination. 
For a job seeker who wants to escape the recruiters who charge placement or registration fees, there are few ways through which they can reach the recruiter who change zero placement fee. 
Here are few things to remember:
1. Create your LinkedIn profile. 
2. Improve your LinkedIn profile strength by answering all the questions while building your profile.
3. Get a free LinkedIn profile review online powered by AI.
4. Type appropriate terms to search for recruiters on the search bar (eg. headhunters, talent specialists, recruitment specialists, recruiters and so on.)
5. Message recruiters by introducing yourself in a crisp and professional way.
6. Read about the recruiters and go through the firm’s website if the link is mentioned.
Through these steps you can reach out to multiple recruiters. This would help the job seeker find recruiters who are authentic rather than those who exploit candidates.
One such team of recruiters are from Futures And Careers. They are known for talented and highly experienced recruiters. FAC uses advanced technology to source the right candidates for their Clients. The platforms used by recruiters in Futures And Careers are, LinkedIn, Shine, Internshala, AI portals, and multiple social media networking sites to find the best candidates. 
Team FAC supports the job seeker by providing them with the right job opportunities. FAC places candidates with the right company with zero placement fee. 
There are more than thousands of jobs available. All that is required is your efforts to connect to the right recruiter by networking on the right platform.
If you require additional inputs on how to build your LinkedIn profile, you can reach out to 
Happy job hunting!

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